Archer Cooper

Shopify Experts in Manchester

Archer Cooper is a strategy studio providing e-commerce consultancy for exciting independent brands wanting to know how to win at e-commerce. I'm Craig, the guy who will be helping you to do that.

I work with e-commerce businesses who use Shopify to plan and execute what happens next. I start by getting a better understanding of your customers than you've ever had. Then I create a plan to deliver engaging brand messaging and seamless online shopping experiences.

What happens next?

The next level of your e-commerce business is yet to be decided. How many times in your life have you made a breakthrough and thought "I wish I had known that a year ago"?

Talented, motivated business owners with an eye for the right hire will get where they need to be...eventually, I've no doubt about it. But smart, talented, motivated business owners find somebody who can provide that shortcut to success.

Why hire an e-commerce consultant?

An e-commerce consultant can bring a vast amount of value to your business in a few critical ways:

  1. A broad high-level knowledge of what an e-commerce business needs to know and do to be successful
  2. Battle-won experience so you don't have to make mistakes to learn the hard way
  3. An outside perspective that nobody in your business can provide

Customer first

Every project that I undertake starts with understanding your objectives and the customer's objectives. If your e-commerce business is like 99% of those I first talk to – your meetings will involve much more of one than the other.

Our first job will be to redress that balance and bring the voice of the customer in to the decision making process. Good strategy is about finding a way to meet business objectives by addressing customer objectives. Any strategy that relies solely on inputs from business objectives is destined fail.

How I work

Every business that I help has a unique set of challenges. Deciding on how best to work with us will depend on those what your set of challenges looks like. Typical engagements will be:

  • Migrating your store to Shopify / Shopify Plus from an outdated platform, all with a keen eye on getting the best result for your customers
  • Launching your new brand on Shopify Plus, especially if it is a business with a triple bottom line and ethical stance
  • Understanding more about your customers and their journeys to purchase to build a better shopping experience for them
  • An ongoing consulting relationship giving you access to technical help, advice and guidance for your brand exactly when you need it
  • Researching, building and testing new features or experiences for your customers to keep you ahead of the curve

How to get started

The best way to get started is to start a conversation with me, Craig Cooper the founder of Archer Cooper.

Our introductory call is a no-nonsense, no-obligation dive into your current situation. Between us we should establish if we think there is a good fit for the work to be done.

It is not a sales call. If you're ready, start a conversation today.

Craig Cooper, Shopify Expert & founder of Archer Cooper chatting at a conference