Archer Cooper

Shopify Experts in Manchester

Who I work with

I work with independent brands using Shopify Plus who have problems to solve. Those problems are usually solved with tech solutions, but require a crucial understanding of customer psychology and behaviour.

It's crucial we're solving the real problem, not just the symptoms.

How to work with me

We can work together on a one-off project like:

  • Migrating your store to Shopify / Shopify Plus from an outdated platform, all with a keen eye on getting the best result for your customers
  • Launching your new brand on Shopify Plus, especially if it is a business with a triple bottom line and ethical stance
  • Understanding more about your customers and their journeys to purchase to build a better shopping experience for them

We could work together on a longer term basis with something like:

  • An ongoing consulting relationship giving you access to technical help, advice and guidance for your brand exactly when you need it
  • Researching, building and testing new features or experiences for your customers to keep you ahead of the curve

Read about Things I Can Do and Things I Can't.

Ready to get in touch?

So you know, I won't be able to start new projects until around March 2024. Feel free to get in touch now though so we can talk through what you need.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0161 883 2683