Archer Cooper

Shopify Experts in Manchester

Working directly with Ben Massey the founder of R.A.D and then later the rest of his e-commerce team as the brand launched


R.A.D had an excellent design agency crafting some amazing visuals and brilliant brand story. Their development team worked to build the nuts and bolts of the Shopify store but with all of that going on they didn't have anybody leading the project. Ben, by his own admission, is not a tech guy and they weren't at the stage where they could hire a full time e-commerce team.


I worked with Ben, his design agency and their development team to get everything ready for dual launches in the US and the UK. As the design team worked on making sure the brand experience was perfect, and the development team produced the code; I pulled together third party tools, Shopify apps and development best practices using my extensive Shopify-specific experience.

  • Provided on-demand help with a fast moving website launch project
  • Integrated apps and third party tools to deliver flawless customer experience from day one
  • Offered technical solutions to complex UX problems to future-proof the codebase

Archer Cooper is second to none.

Their knowledge and experience of Shopify is so in-depth that nothing comes as a surprise to them. They are also very knowledgeable about plug-ins and e-commerce in general. They made our customer journey experience exceptional. They covered everything from the customer first landing on the website to purchasing to shipping notifications and the whole return process.

We had some challenging elements on short timelines, and they pulled it all together across two websites on two continents. Archer Cooper built the spine of our entire business.

Ben Massey, R.A.D®