Calla Shoes

Calla Shoes is an independent brand based in Manchester, the heart of Britain's fashion industry. Founder Jennifer started the company to provide stylish, comfortable shoes for women who suffer with bunions. Like so many of the greatest success stories, this one starts with a deep understanding of the customer.


As Calla Shoes began to grow the limitations of their existing e-commerce platform became obvious. They wanted to move to a dedicated e-commerce platform that could support their growth and allow the technology to take a back-seat to customer experience and product development.

Instead of spending time fixing website issues, they wanted the website to get out of the way and make it easy for customers to order.


In just a few short weeks we migrated Calla from Drupal Commerce onto Shopify. Thanks to help from their team we were able to quickly obtain the product data we needed to get the new store off the ground and integrated with their warehouse partner.

Working with Jennifer we crafted a site that breathed new life into the brand.

  • Migrated products, product data and product images
  • Migrated blogs and customised review content and maintained URL redirects
  • Customised a premium Shopify theme to fit the brand and extend Shopify functionality
  • Setup apps and integrations
  • Setup shipping, tax and payment providers

In their own words…

Craig at Archer Cooper was absolutely amazing, very patient and delivered to deadline just like he said he would. Jennifer Bailey (

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