Archer Cooper

Shopify Experts in Manchester

Stuff I can do

The Shopify site redesign job. You want to freshen up, get some new functionality and make the website better and easier for your customers to use. Typically these happen after years of maintaining, tweaking, adding to and otherwise adjusting your existing theme and now it just can’t bend much further.

The “we really need to be on Shopify” job. You’ve endured the pain of that legacy platform long enough. The last time you heard “security patch” you swore it would be the last, but then the checkout stopped working. Now you’ve decided maybe you’re better off without those headaches.

The “we need someone who knows Shopify” job. Your team loves Shopify. It’s easy to use, it does what they ask when they ask it. But that’s as far as it goes. Nobody is an expert and you’ve got a nagging feeling you might be able to squeeze a little more juice from this particular lemon. You need somebody who can tell you what you can do better. Someone who can tell you what you don’t know.

Stuff I can’t do

The rescue job. I can’t help you finish a project you’ve already started. Somebody has abandoned you mid-way through a project and now you need to get it finished. You’ve already spent loads of money so the budget is tight. You’re already three months overdue so there is no time left to do it.

The “I know exactly what to do I just can’t do it” job. You’ve got the vision, maybe even the designs, you just can’t make it come true. Maybe because you’re not technical. Maybe because you could easily do it but just don’t have the time. You know how easy it is and how long it should take.

The last four people we worked with didn’t get it job. You’re an expert communicator but these damn stupid agencies you work with just don’t get it. They keep wanting to do things like “strategy” when you just want them to get on with it. You’ve even tried micromanaging their work, but still they can’t get on the same page as you.

If in doubt

I do two types of jobs broadly speaking;

  1. Building a new Shopify website or refreshing an existing one – as a one-off project.
  2. Working with you monthly to be your Shopify expert of record, helping you and your team to both understand and achieve with the Shopify platform

Feel free to get in touch if you have something that doesn’t quite fit the above. I’ve done other types of projects in the past from advising large organisations on whether Shopify suits their requirements to helping teams get unstuck with single problems on their Shopify store.

People that get in touch to work with me will usually be:

  • open to exploring their options around implementation
  • willing to invest time and energy in determining the right solution up front for better end results
  • responsible for their own budget decisions

Start a conversation if this sounds like a good fit.