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What can you write in just five minutes? Would it be worth reading? Do you need to start with a plan?

I haven't here. I've just started writing.

Sometimes that's the missing link. For all the procrastination in society today, we sometimes forget to just start something.

If we were at high school, or even primary school, and we had a hard job to do; we'd just get going wouldn't we? We wouldn't fret and worry that it was going to be an A+ piece before we started. We'd just write, and then soon the little voice inside us would start to fade and the writing would start to appear.

It's a uniquely freeing experience, writing without constraint or boundary. The only constraint I have here is that I can't stop writing.

I'm using an online app called The Most Dangerous Writing App.

Its USP is simple, don't stop writing, or everything you wrote will disappear. You choose the amount of time (I chose the shortest, five minutes) and then you write. And you don't stop until the timer runs out. At about 66 words per minute, you'll have 300 words inside 5 minutes. That's enough for a blog post. How many people would say you can write a blog post in five minutes? I love planning though, I'd much rather know exactly what I'm going to do and then do it.

I just have a tendency to over analyse and over think things. And that doesn't work with this app. You can't stop to think. You have to write. And sometimes, like I said before, that's what you need to get you started.

You don't have to worry about finishing, because at the end of the five minutes you can take longer to finish your piece. You just need to worry about making that start. There goes 300 words by the way.

I suppose that's a five minute blog post right there. Just writing. No thinking. No planning. No analysing.

Give it a go, it might just free your creativity.