Archer Cooper

Shopify Experts in Manchester

Craig Cooper chats with Keir Whitaker That's me on the left, with long-time friend, some-time collaborator and Shopify legend Keir Whitaker

Based in Manchester, England I have seen the importance that independently owned businesses carry for their owners, communities and customers. From the very first website I ever created I wanted to help independent business to fight back against the big boys.

With a small team I work with independent business owners to build brands and online shopping experiences that their customers love.

Choosing Shopify

In 2015 I discovered Shopify, a Canadian company solving so many of the problems that I frequently encountered when building e-commerce stores for clients. It became apparent that Shopify were getting so much right that I chose to exclusively work with businesses using the Shopify platform.

  • Independently driven — our clients are self-funded, self-driven and masters of their own destiny

  • Open Minded – our clients don't just want to copy their competitors, they want their competitors to be copying them, only by leading the market can you stay ahead

Why work with Archer Cooper?

Craig Cooper chats with Keir Whitaker Working with SevenYays to develop a brand strategy alongside their excellent creative partners

We understand how to work with Shopify. We know the platform and we've used it to power some phenomenal businesses to success.

We understand consumer psychology. It's an absolute obsession, understanding the truth behind how consumers really behave and leaving assumptions and broken patterns behind.

We understand how your website fits into your business. Your might be an online first D2C brand, but your website isn't the beginning and end of your entire business. Understanding how your website fits into the rest of your business is one of our core strengths.

We get to the heart of the problem. Straight-talk, keep it simple and all those other cliches – we just want to get down to root of the issue. Our outside perspective is often all it takes to help you to realise that sometimes you're standing in your own way.

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