About Us

Archer Cooper is a boutique Shopify Experts consulting agency in Manchester, England. We help ambitious Shopify merchants to launch and grow.

We engage with clients in long-term partnerships delivering the Shopify & digital marketing expertise they need to plug the gaps in their teams. Our relationships get stronger over time as we gain deeper understanding of your business, your customers and start to pre-empt what you need to grow before you even know it.

We were previously known as Pilgrim Marketing®.

Shopify Experts Manchester Office
The roof terrace of 76 King Street

Craig has been fantastic and I can wholeheartedly recommend him to any Shopify store owner. We needed urgent help with our Shopify site and linked systems due to a catastrophic IT failure and they saved the day for us. Right from the start, they were prompt, polite and very efficient. They have a great understanding of all things Shopify and are always ready with advice and proposed solutions to problems big and small. Brilliant!! Niall O'Meara (www.fredaldous.co.uk)

Small enough to care

A group of just two core partners (a husband & wife team) and a selection of tried-and-tested experts brought in when needed. Not outsourced labour - contracted brilliance. You won't be passed from pillar to post to try and achieve your objectives. We do it together.

Available for projects from Jan 13th, 2020

Experienced enough to cope

We've worked with stores of every size - from startup to Shopify Plus stores handling thousands of orders a week. We've worked on every kind of problem - from writing complex front-end code to writing highly converting ads.

Focused expert help

What if you could get ideas, scoping, planning, design and development all done in one place? By specialising in Shopify, we can concentrate our depth of knowledge in just one place - building and growing Shopify stores.

Are we right for you?

  1. We work with winners — our clients are passionate, ambitious and inspired, mediocre is not a word in their vocabulary
  2. Small is beautiful — our clients are self-funded, self-driven and masters of their own destiny, we think success comes when you can move as fast as your market does
  3. We believe in the planet — our clients want their business to form part of a sustainable future for our children, running eco-friendly businesses

Trust the experts

Craig Cooper Shopify Expert in Manchester
Founding partner Craig Cooper

We're committed to excellence in every digital marketing project we undertake. Archer Cooper is a certified Google Partner specialising in Google Shopping, Mobile & Search ads. This means we're perfectly positioned to help your store thrive with a paid acquisition funnel.

Google Certifications

  • Digital Sales
  • Google Shopping Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified

Chartered Institute of Marketing

  • Founding partner Craig Cooper (ACIM) is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing