Shopify Marketing Expert

Hiring a certified Shopify Marketing Expert is the best way to get help for your Shopify store.

Shopify Experts must be accomplished and proficient in using Shopify. Requirements include launching five client Shopify stores before being invited to apply for the program.

Pilgrim Marketing® has been a Shopify Expert since August 2017. We specialise in marketing programs for Shopify store owners, particularly paid acquisition campaigns using Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Why Pilgrim Marketing?

Your online business is now your primary source of revenue.

As the economy continues the never-ending push towards digital your reliance on digital skills will grow. You'll need a partner that understands your technology (Shopify), your industry (e-commmerce) and how to work with enthusiastic entrepreneurs (you!).

I fundamentally believe in small businesses. I think they are the key to our economy and the key to a happier and more productive country. We can't all work for Amazon can we? Owning your future is both hugely exciting and terrifying.

My aim is that working with Pilgrim Marketing relieves you of some of the scarier parts of running your business. Mostly the finding new customers online and getting them to buy parts.