Store Audits

What would life be like if you had a plan to achieve your Shopify success dreams? Sure you've got the energy and you've got the determination – but a guide to point you in the right direction is the difference between success now and 10 years time.

Like a website teardown?

Ouch, sounds so negative. No teardown isn't really accurate. We're going to run your website through a sophisticated set of heuristical sensors and into the most powerful supercomputer known to man – that's right we're going to look and think.

No tearing down, no relentless negativity – just an honest assessment of where you can be doing better and a few tips and tricks we've learned from experience.

Road map: £750

  • Understand what is holding your store back right now
  • A step-by-step guide to what you need to change and how
  • Perfect if you have a team to handle the problems, but need fresh perspective and expertise on how to find them

Want expert help to launch & grow with Shopify?

We want to help independent brands to grow for the benefit of their founders, families and communities. We will be your outsourced e-commerce expertise while you focus on building your best product.