Choosing a new name

Our old name, Pilgrim Marketing, was restrictive and didn't give us the scope to position the business in the way we want to. The new name is a standout in the field of existing Shopify Experts.

by Craig Cooper

Choosing a new name

Naming things is hard. Pilgrim Marketing® took me a long time to define and settle on. It felt perfect for the trajectory the business was taking at the time. Since then things have changed a little.

Instead of focusing on digital marketing for small and medium businesses, we now focus exclusively on Shopify ecommerce businesses. The majority of our work is focused on helping Shopify businesses to find and convert more customers. That usually happens via paid media (like Google and Facebook ads) and through on-site conversion optimisation. Whilst "marketing" is actually a decent catch-all term for that - it doesn't always resonate with what those merchants are looking for.

In the traditional sense a marketing agency would be responsible for building your website, crafting your visual identity, sending out emails and maybe crafting some ads. In the 2019 digital ecommerce world many merchants are looking for different partners for each of those areas. A developer to build the Shopify store, a graphic design to craft the identity and then maybe a marketing agency to send the emails.

The moniker "marketing" in the name was setting an immediate tone about what merchants could expect from us - before they even endeavoured to find out. The Pilgrim part we still liked but on its own it feels too similar to the raft of other single word agency names out there.

What do I need from a name?

To really dig into how to rename the business I wanted to assess what a name really means. All the names we think are brilliant tend to have long-formed associations with those brands. McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Nike. They aren't great names, they're great brands and the names appear good because of it. A name itself can not make a great business.

I determined that from a name I wanted to:

  • Be recognisable from my competitors, no confusion possible
  • Be easy to spell and understand, needing no complicated spelling
  • Have an available domain name without a fancy TLD (like .marketing)
  • Try and evoke an emotion in those who experience it

Archer Cooper... Where from?

The name Archer Cooper was initially conceived as far back as 2012. My own full name, Craig Cooper, is just a tad too common and there are already several personalities plying their trade under our shared name. In 2012 my wife and I were pregnant with our first child (my second) and decided that were that baby to be a boy (we preferred the surprise) he would be called Archer.

At the same time I was setting up my first company (I know, a lot going on) and decided on the name Archer Cooper after our unborn son. Needless to say, we had a girl. And another one four years later.

Why now?

In an era of edgy, trendy, modern names (of which perhaps Pilgrim is one) I wanted something that stood apart from the crowd. Naming things is hard and coming up with an edgy name that works is super difficult. Of all the competing Shopify partners that we assessed in our naming analysis only two stood out as being remarkable - Underwaterpistol and Brave The Skies.

So I went right back to the beginning and chose the name I was probably always too afraid to choose. The name that as many people have said sounds like it could be a law firm, architects or old-time ad agency. The name that no other Shopify partner in the UK has anything remotely alike.

The future

I believe that the name Archer Cooper gives the company the flexibility to grow and adapt with the rapidly moving Shopify & Digital landscape. Hopefully through the next few years of hard work, commitment to client service and dedication to exceeding expectations we can imbue the name Archer Cooper with a true meaning.

About the author

Craig Cooper

Founding partner of Archer Cooper and Shopify afficionado. Loves solving problems for ambitious business owners. Connect on LinkedIn or Follow on Twitter.

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